2016 Job Outlook for Welders | Will 2017 Be better?

2016 is a great year to launch your welding career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects modest job growth. However, according to the American Welding Society, the occupation is experiencing a shortage of workers. Like nursing in the nineties, thousands of welders will be retiring soon, since the average age is about 57. This means more jobs need to be filled, more workers need to be hired, and with that demand comes an increase in pay. Overall, an estimated 50,000 welding jobs are expected to be added to the industry between the years 2010-2020. That comes out to an additional 5,000 jobs per year with a decreasing talent pool!


Author: bestweldinggear

I am the guy behind Bestweldinggear.com. As a welding enthusiast I love to share what I know about welding, especially gear needed to keep welding projects as safe as possible.

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