Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast Episode 27 with ZTFab Paul Brinegar

Hi and Thank you for listening to episode 27 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast!  For this episode we had a fun time talking with Paul Brinegar from ZTFab. We heard all about his past and some plans for the future.  If you have never seen any of Paul’s products that he manufactures be sure to head over to his Instagram page @ZTFab to check them out!  His welding carts are second to none.  His products are built for weldors and fabricators by a weldor and fabricator!  So download, pop those earbuds in, hit play, drop that hood, and Enjoy!       Our Sponsor     For 50 years, CK Worldwide has brought more innovations to TIG welding equipment than any other manufacturer. With more patents on product design and improvements than anyone else, CK Worldwide is ‘THE STANDARD IN TIG WELDING.’ www.ckworldwide.com     Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast Patreon Page    We also would like to take a moment and thank those who support the show on Patreon. Each Patron helps keep the


Author: bestweldinggear

I am the guy behind Bestweldinggear.com. As a welding enthusiast I love to share what I know about welding, especially gear needed to keep welding projects as safe as possible.

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