Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast Episode 33 What we’ve got planned

Hi and Thank you for listening to episode 33 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast.  A few episodes ago we mentioned a few things that we have planned for 2017 so we felt it would be a good topic to talk about those things.  Hope you enjoy hearing these things and might help you get a few of the things you’d like to do kicked into gear.  So download, pop those earbuds in, hit play, drop your hood, and enjoy!     Show Times and Notes     0:00-1:09 Introduction 1:10-4:46 Roy moving  4:47-6:45 Banking pictures 6:46-11:10 Jonathan’s welding school 11:11-18:36 Becoming an Accredited Test Facility 18:37-22:45 Roy D17.1 Certs 22:46-27:17 Listening to Thomas Egar 27:18-28:50 Embedding your process in the codes 28:51-29:31 Plasma CAM 29:32-30:08 Android Share My Weld App 30:09-32:23 Jody’s new welding positioner 32:24-37:05 Hour Glass Ingenuity TIG arm rest 37:06-38:32 Starting Crummy Welding over again 38:33-40:50 Setting up shop from scratch- future episode 40:51-41:58 Approac


Author: bestweldinggear

I am the guy behind Bestweldinggear.com. As a welding enthusiast I love to share what I know about welding, especially gear needed to keep welding projects as safe as possible.

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