Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast Episode 36 Dustin Gray

Hey and Thanks for listening to the episode 36 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast!  For this episode we had a great time chatting with Dustin Gray or better known as @_grays_anatomy_ on Instagram.  Dustin builds a wide array of different things from start to finish, but he’s mostly known for his crazy good aluminum fabrication and welding on firetrucks!  So be sure to download, pop those earbuds in, hit play, drop that hood, and enjoy!     Show Times and Notes   0:00-0:43 Introduction 0:44-2:50 Welding community 2:51-4:46 Taking pictures of welds 4:47-10:06 What Dustin builds 10:07-11:30 Type of aluminum used 11:31-15:03 Machines Dustin uses 15:04-17:15 What gas do you use? 17:16-24:58 Engine turning 24:59-27:30 Tungsten  27:31-31:55 Experiment with settings 31:56-33:06 Lava TIG cups 33:07-33:40 Pyrex cups 33:41-36:38 Mixing Helium into your Argon 36:39-39:52 Ball head TIG torch 39:53-42:57 Favorite work 42:58-46:46 Prep work 46:47-48:35 Brake cleaner to Phosgene gas


Author: bestweldinggear

I am the guy behind Bestweldinggear.com. As a welding enthusiast I love to share what I know about welding, especially gear needed to keep welding projects as safe as possible.

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