Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast Episode 37 Reference Books and Guides

Hi and Thank you for listening to episode 37 of the Welding Tips and Tricks Podcast!  For this episode we thought it would be fun to talk about all the different reference book, guides, and helps that we like to use.  You know that saying,”Want to learn something new?  Look in an old book.”  We talk about old books, new books, web pages, and more.  So, download, pop those earbuds in, hit play, drop your hood, and Enjoy!  Making Monday Better!     Show Times and Notes   0:00- 0:31 Intro 0:32-1:35 Information at our fingertips 1:36-2:30 CK Technical Specs 2:31-5:19 Printing out information 5:20-8:03 Filler metal chart  8:04-11:02 YouTube videos 11:03-18:50 Welding Tips and Tricks Forum 18:51-21:55 Instagram welding community 21:56-30:01 Find a mentor 30:02-34:16 Pocket reference books 34:17-40:17 James F Lincoln Foundation 40:18-43:41 Share My Weld App 43:42-44:57 You are learning for you 44:58-47:46 Weld setting calculators 47:47-54:18 Welding symbols 54:19-57:39 Mill


Author: bestweldinggear

I am the guy behind Bestweldinggear.com. As a welding enthusiast I love to share what I know about welding, especially gear needed to keep welding projects as safe as possible.

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